WW1 Trench Scene

Have you ever wondered what a World War I trench looked like? Here at Stratford Armouries where you can find out. We have a spectacular trench scene waiting for you to discover, all made from paper-mâché.

World War I was known as the trench warfare war, with it being fought by brave soldiers in tough trench conditions.

Trenches were dug out, built up with sandbags and were muddy, wet, and uncomfortable places for soldiers to eat, sleep and fight the First World War from.

A typical day in the trenches started at 5 am with ‘Stand-to’, which meant to be on high alert for an attack from their enemies, as half an hour before daylight was the most opportune time for an attack. They would then manage to have some downtime after dinner, until 6 pm, which from there they would work all night.

Find out more about what trench-life was really like with our exhibition.