Churchill Exhibition

Over 50 years after his passing, you can learn all about Churchill’s fascinating story with our stunning exhibition.
Darwin Escapes has worked in partnership with Carol Harwood to bring the outstanding Darrah-Harwood Collection back to life at the Stratford Armouries Museum.

The collection was built up by Carol’s father, Jack Darrah, who lovingly collected items from both Churchill’s political and personal life. Throughout the museum, you will be able to see books, letters, pictures, and lots of other items.

Follow Churchill’s impressive story with portraits starting from his days at the historic Harrow school, his First World War experiences, his political career, and the iconic portrait as Prime Minister during the Second World War.

Every detail has been carefully looked after during the set-up of this exhibition. Carol spent time on all aspects of the exhibition from the artefacts, letters, photos, and busts, to the wonderful Churchill mannequin. The mannequin is wonderfully lifelike and depicts the iconic leader sitting at his desk in his RAF uniform, with a Bakelite telephone and typewriter in front of him. We also have a chair that was once used in an operations room during the Battle of Britain.

Whether you’re a true Churchill fan or only know the war years, this collection has something for all interests as you chart his life with each new artefact.

Jack Darrah had collected hundreds of items, and Carol has created an outstanding exhibition here at Stratford Armouries, no matter where you stand in the exhibition room, Churchill has his presence and the collection has found its home at Stratford Armouries Museum.